Fair Health Insurance

No one except PSE is considering what’s in the best interest for classified.

WEA is standing in the way of health insurance relief for thousands of school staff and teachers. Unlike Public School Employees of Washington, which represents over 30,000 classified employees across that state, WEA has a financial interest in keeping K-12 health insurance status quo.

They use scare tactics and misinformation to avoid losing control over the state’s education health insurance system.

K-12 health insurance reform priorities will:

  • Make insurance more affordable for spouse and family coverage.
  • Control costs over the long term.
  • Preserve benefits, including your current doctors.
  • Give classified employees a real, strong voice over insurance.

Too many of Washington state’s bus drivers, cafeteria workers, paraeducators and crossing guards are without health insurance. The rates are simply too expensive and out of reach. All they can do is hope no one in their family gets sick.

The state’s public school health insurance system is dysfunctional and needs to be fixed.

Now is the time for additional action. Please select one of the options below to further your voice on this critical issue before the Legislative Session ends on March 8:

Washington State Auditor

Nearly a year ago, Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag shined a light on the inefficiency of the current K-12 health insurance system. During his investigation, he concluded that consolidating health insurance would make the system more affordable and transparent.

State Auditor’s Office Performance Review

Health Care Authority

In December 2011, the Health Care Authority released its report K-12 health insurance. In the report, the Health Care Authority suggest that consolidating insurance plans would benefit public school employees.

Health Care Authority Report – Executive Summary

Wide difference in
health insurance ranges

K-12 employees pay anywhere from $0 to $1,300 a month, leaning more frequently to the higher end of the spectrum. This is a huge swing coverage costs, especially when compared to other government employees. For other state agency employees, the high end of the range is $288 a month. In other words, the highest health insurance cost for an agency state employee is still $1,000 less than what many K-12 employees pay.

Unnecessarily complicated

When K-12 employees select their annual health insurance plan, they have to take all sorts of factors in consideration. State agency employees’ health insurance plans are simple by comparison.

Evergreen School District health insurance

Evergreen School District health insurance pooling

State agency health insurance — PEBB


Public School Employees of Washington, which represents over 30,000 classified professional employees, has endorsed the move to consolidate and streamline K-12 employee insurance programs in order to stabilize rates, ensure fairness and preserve employee benefits.

FAIR presentation

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